Online Coaching Program

if you’re looking for a simple meal plan or a few recipes this is not that.  Instead, our program is a daily coaching program that keeps you accountable to your goals every single day.

We deliver this service through our online coaching platform.  You will have a combination of daily lessons, habits, check-ins, measurements and all the other tools you need to stay accountable to reaching your goals. 

Again, I want to stress this...our coaching program isn’t a diet.  Our program isn't just a bunch of rules.

Rather, we are focused on actual behavioural change.  Our coaching platform will walk you through the in's and out's everyday so you know exactly what changes to make.

More importantly, how to make those changes part of your everyday life so the results you're looking for last long-term.  

Our Lean Living Coaching Program tracks all of your new habits without constant food logs or counting calories.  Our built in habit tracking allows us to coach you and keep you accountable to reaching your goals.

To sum it up, our coaching program is built around teaching you how to get sustainable weight loss results through coaching actual behavioural change.

Online Coaching Program

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