How to Perform Weight Loss Workout from Home

I want to help you not just boost up your metabolism.  I want to help you burn out more calories in less time.  

I want to help you get a hormonal response that helps you burn the most body fat possible.  Specifically, the most belly fat possible. 

If you're looking to do all that you can perform this weight loss workout from home.  You can scroll to the bottom for the workout or learn more about how to boost your metabolism up with your workouts.

How to Burn More Calories in Less Time

I’m sure you’ve seen the graph on your favourite piece of cardio equipment.

 It shows you the “fat burning zone.” If you want to get the best results in the least amount of time possible. 

Don’t spend your time in that zone.

We want you in the zones that are way above that. Wait, what? Don’t go in the fat burning zone? I know that seems like it doesn’t make sense, but stick with me.

This is one of those things I talked about yesterday. Those “we take a different approach” things.

The higher the intensity of the workout the more calories you burn per minute during your workout.  The more energy you burn out…..the easier it is to create a calorie deficit (that that’s code for burning body fat).

Not only do you burn more calories, but your body releases different hormones compared to your cardio workouts in the fat burning zone.  

You will get a release of hormones that will help you to boost up your metabolism.  This is super important for someone who falls into one of these categories:

  • Going through or just having finished menopause
  • Your body isn’t burning body fat like it used to in your 20’s
  • You’ve recently had a kid…..or two……or three…….or…..four. (four kids, what are you crazy?)

These types of workouts are key if you’re serious about getting results.  Try something different. 

I can’t tell you how many clients over the years have told me their blown away by the results they get with less time invested in exercising. 

You are going to be able to really kick start your metabolism and start burning more body fat with these types of workouts.  No joke, serious results.

How to Lose Weight with Weight Loss Workouts from Home

And don’t get me wrong cardio isn’t a bad thing.   You just need to know how to perform it properly.  

We teach our clients how to do cardio.  You can get the same metabolism boosting effect from cardio.  If you do that cardio in the right way. 

We won’t get into that today, but start with the workout at the bottom and try to get your heart rate around the zone indicated in the image based on your age.

Now, important to note.  These are rough guidelines for the heart rate.  It will depend on your current level of conditioning, your genetics, your resting heart rate and many other factors.

Make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard and feeling nausea or other negative side effects of exercising too hard.

Target Heart Rate for Weight Loss Workouts

Heart Rate Zone for Weight Loss Workouts From Home

Perform This Weight Loss Workout From Home

I Don’t Care How Slow Your Metabolism Is You Can Boost It Up If You……

I don't care how slow your metabolism is.  You can boost it up if you perform these types of workouts.

High Intensity Workouts for Weight Loss

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