3 Core Exercises to Flatten Your Midsection

Are you still doing crunches and leg raises to try and target your abs?  If so these three exercises are going to completely change how your core functions and looks.

Your abdominal wall can be broken down into two types of core muscles.  What is referred to as the inner unit and the outer unit. 

Most people when doing different versions of crunch’s or sit-ups they’re working the outer unit.

The problem is that most people never work their inner unit of abdominal muscles. 

Part of the job of the inner unit muscles is to hold your stomach flat throughout the day.

Be working the inner unit (which takes some practice) you’ll actually flatten your stomach. 

As an example, the picture below the person hasn’t dropped any body fat, but there is a huge difference in the size and look of their stomach.

How to flatten your belly

Even if we have a client who isn’t looking to drop any body weight they will usually reduce their waste size by 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch in the first four weeks just by getting their inner unit functioning properly.

Really important you need to make sure you’re listening carefully to how to properly perform the exercises.  

The key is in the same details.  

To get the benefit of these exercises you have to make sure you’re feeling the proper muscles working and carefully listening to the details of how to perform the exercise.

3 Key Core Exercises

How Often Should You Perform these Exercises?

Perform these three exercises in a circuit 3-4 times/week.  

Perform 3 sets of 1 minute for each exercise.

If you take the time to perform these exercises properly over the next 2-4 weeks you’ll see a reduction in your stomach size from this one thing alone without making any changes to your nutrition.

Core Exercises to Flatten Your Belly

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